Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The World's Most Offensive Hiaku

So, I was sitting around my dorm, trying to think of a new post to write (while throughly ignoring my homework) when I was struck with a brilliant idea -- The Worlds Most Offensive Hiaku. Now-a-days, curse words can be used in any part of a sentence. I mean, look at the flexibility of the "F" word. (Link NSFW)

Well, I was contemplating the many Haiku's I could write with JUST words that would be censored on PBS, when I got a call from my girlfriend to come over and help her with an essay. The Haiku's would have to wait.

After I finished helping her with her homework, we started talking and then she said something that kind of shocked me.... Her parents found my blog by Googling my name. Of course, this means that my Haiku idea is out the window. I really like my girlfriend and don't want her parents to associate me with excessive cursing. It has never really been my thing anyway.

So I have come up with an alternate solution! Post the most offensive Haiku you can think of in the comments, and the winner will get a dollar from Pay-Pal! (Side note... there must be 10 entries for there to be a cash prize, so post away.) Enter as many times as you want but leave an email address or something so I can let you know if you win!

Oh, and when I say offensive, I mean filled with curse words. No hate talk, no racial comments, etc. Just lots of cursing.

You got one week! Here's my (censored) entry!

I [freaking] love [stuff].
[Stuff] that might [perturb] people off
[Freaking] rocks my socks.

The censorship messes up the 5-7-5 thing, but you get the point. Comments won't be censored.


P.S. Free Speech! Yay!