Saturday, December 1, 2007

What this blog is all about


"Gee, I Love Lava Lamps" (or GIL3 for short) got its name in December 2007, when my girlfriend decided to give me two lava lamps for Christmas. This was at the same time that I decided to make my first stab at entering into the world of blogging.

Who am I?

My name is JW, and I am currently a junior at the University of Alabama who decided to take some of his spare time and start a blog.

What kind of stuff is posted here?

mostly tend to write about things related to gaming and internet culture. Still, I do have some general rules of things that I will NEVER post.

1. No "journal" posts. If you want to listen to someone complain, go to your local middle school and find the room for in-school-detention.
2. No stolen articles. I hate it when blogs just copy and paste articles from other blogs without even citing the original article. Plagiarism sucks.
3. Nothing too boring.

Other Blogs

After messing with GIL3 for about a month or two, I decided to try to create another blog from the ground up. To date, I have made a total of four blogs (including this one), but GIL3 is still my most successful one.

I created a website called "You-eh?" in an attempt to create a blog that encouraged members of the local community from my college town in Alabama to interact with each other in a common, on-line meeting place. Unfortunately, Facebook, Myspace, and Ning are much more suited for what I was attempting to do. The website is still up, but more for posterity reasons than anything else.

The second blog I created was not nearly as interesting because it was created as an online journal for my Alabama Ecology class. You can see it here.

My final blog (called "Moo Moo Review") was an attempt to create a video blog that reviewed things that I had laying around. The logo was drawn by my girlfriend as kind of a joke, but it stuck. This one is still alive and kicking, but has reached a point of Hibernation due to a busy schedule leading to a lack of updates. Hopefully, that won't happen with GIL3. So far, so good!