Monday, February 11, 2008

4 reasons stumblecards suck

Stumblecards. The site description claims "Its the latest sensation sweeping the web!" Everyone else claims it sucks. So here are four reasons that Stumblecards SUCK.

4. They're pointless

If I wanted trading cards, I'd get trading cards. The whole point of "trading cards" is to try to obtain the hard-to-find ones, but with stumblecards, the most wanted cards are at the top of a Google search. Oh, and you can type "stumblecard" in the stumbleupon search engine and find all of them in about 2 seconds.

3. It's a viral marketing trick

Really, its just a way to get traffic for websites and advertisements for things like the Batman movie (I'm talking to YOU, Joker card) or Nintendo (your turn, Link card).

Oh, and the Link card makes him look like a girl. As if being an elf wasn't gay enough...

2. They're boring

I use stumbleupon to keep me entertained... Like Television, Youtube, or Wii. I don't want to go to some boring picture of a dude and then get told to Thumbs it up just because its the "in" thing. Who gets to decide that this is the "in" thing? Stumble cards suck. You can bite me if you think I'm going to give a thumbs up to that.

1. They ruin the point of Stumbleupon

Any site that tells its viewers to give it a thumbs up in stumbleupon kind of pisses me off. I just can't help it. For one thing, Stumbleupon is about letting the USER decide what is good and what is bad. In a sense, stumblecards are attempting to take the power of user review AWAY from the user.

Also, stumblecards just plain seem lazy. I use stumbleupon to find the latest, most innovative (or just most interesting)sites on the web. Anybody can copy and paste a new card on top of the old card and call it a stumblecard. Come on, guys. At least try...

In conclusion...

I will always give a thumbs down to stumblecards. They suck now, and they will suck forever. The worst part is that they have succeeded so much already. If I wanted to play "stumblecards," I would buy some damn Pokemon cards. You suck, stumblecards.


P.S. You know what also sucks? Stumble Upon experiments. Click here to see why

UPDATE -- I've gotten some responses from stumblers on ideas how to stop em!

The first idea can be found here... It basically says to block the people who first stumble the cards.

The second idea is just stumbling ONE PAGE instead of stumbling a bunch of cards all day long.

Check it out, yo's! Stumblecard = sad