Saturday, December 22, 2007

Top 10 vintage theme songs from when you were a kid

Remember back in the day when all you'd do on Saturday mornings is watch Cartoons and eat Frosted Flakes? Well, prepare for a walk down memory lane with...

THE Top Vintage Theme songs from when you were a kid!

Of course, this is all based on my opinion and if you disagree, please say so in the comments! Did I miss one? Let me know! Here goes...

10. Animaniacs

Strangely, this show is the only reason I can name most of the presidents. The Animaniacs were known for their surprisingly catchy tunes that often appeared during episodes.

9. Spiderman

Who doesn't know this theme song? This is the song that inspired Homer Simpson to create the ever-so-popular Spider Pig song with the same tune. Catchy and slightly hilarious!

8. Rugrats

While this theme song has no words, you'll find yourself humming this tune for days. One thing always bothered me, though... Cynthia wipes dust off of her skirt at the end of the intro, but there was no dirt there before she wipes it! Whatever... I'll let it slide this one time.

7. Darkwing Duck

During the late 80s and early 90s, it seems that the Disney company went through some kind of strange "duck obsessed" phase. Still, the theme to Darkwing duck was almost better than the show. Gotta love it!

6. Duck Tales

Scrooge McDuck changed my life. Well, he made me want to swim in a lake of gold coins, anyway.

5. Chip and Dale; Rescue Rangers

This show meant a lot to me as a kid. When I went to Disney World for the first time with my family, I gave Chip a chocolate "chip" cookie, 'cause I liked him. OK, so I was four and it was just a dude dressed up like Chip, but leave me alone.

4. Salute your Shorts

This show is probably the reason I loved going to camp so much as a kid. I mean, how could it not be fun? It makes me wanna fart... Ha ha! Hilarious!

3. Captain Planet

He's our hero. Gonna bring pollution down to Zero. The rapping part is the best.

2. Fraggle Rock

Of all the horrible things that came out of the 70s drug fad, this was what made it all worth while. This show was intense. And awesome. And the theme song rocked. It Fraggle rocked.

1. Reading Rainbow

I seriously get excited about reading when I watch this intro. I wish reading was really this exciting... At least we have video games now!

Comments? Let me know if I left one off!