Thursday, December 13, 2007

5 reasons "The Hills" MUST be fake!

If you've ever seen an episode of "The Hills" and not instantly fallen in love with it, you have probably assumed the same thing that most people people eventually come to terms with... THE SHOW IS FAKE! Not reality!

Now it is time for...

5 reasons "The Hills" MUST be fake!

5. Awesome camera angles

Tell me... How is that during the middle of a conversation, the camera can suddenly change angles without catching a glimpse of the other cameras? A good example of this would be over the shoulder shots. Even if a camera man is hiding in the bushes, you would think that we would catch a glimpse of the guy every once in a while!

Also, when a character storms off, there seems to be a camera from the perfect angle so that the actor (or actress) will not be hindered in his or her storming. Hmm... I smell a rat.

4. Season ended in December?

Does anyone else think its odd that the series would have a sudden series finale that the writers strike has left the directors high and dry? I guess when the scripts run out, the season is over. At least they try to disguise it by claiming its a season finale.

3. Omnipotent camera?

So one of the girls is getting into bed and turns off the light... Then suddenly the phone rings and there is a camera man there to catch her picking it up! On top of that, there is another camera man with the caller on the other line! Is this just luck? Fate? Chance?

No. How could this not be scripted?

2. The interns NEVER get fired!

You know those two girls who claim to work at "Teen Vogue?" How is it that in the first episode that they intern there, they manage to get caught sneaking in their friends into a private party, then get off SCOTT FREE??? In another episode, one girl is suppose to go to Paris for the summer to work with the company over there. But still, they let it slide. SHE SKIPS WORK FOR 3 MONTHS!

Wtf, Hills? W? t? f?

1. Heidi only goes to work on filming days

This is the most shameful one of all. Heidi doesn't even really work at Bolthouse Productions. Its a complete lie! Don't believe me? Here's the story.

Still don't believe me? Well, you are only lying yourself now...