Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Top 6 Foods that you wouldn't think taste good together (but do!)

6. Eggs and Syrup

Oh no! My syrup dripped into my scrambled eggs! What should I do? :: nom nom nom ::
Believe it or not, scrambled eggs with syrup on top can make a great meal for those college students scrapping food off the bottom of the fridge. Not only does it provide protein and sugar, its also delicious!

5. French fries and Ranch

Remember that weird kid back in middle school who would always sit by himself at lunch? Well, that kid was bored and mixing weird foods together. Ends up he found a winner with French fries and ranch. The funny thing is, it actually caught on with some of the cool kids. And hot girls. Even Ms. America loves French fries and Ranch!

4. Ketchup and Mashed Potatoes

This one can be quite the surprise. When you think about it, it really makes since. Ketchup? Potatoes? Sounds like French Fries again. Despite the disgusting look of this food, its actually quite delicious! The best way I can describe it would be to imagine tator tots in a blender.
(It tastes horrible cold!)

3.Grape juice and ginger ale

This is one of my favorites simply because of its nickname -- Purple Jesus. I'm not even kidding. But seriously, give it a shot. Tastes good. I don't drink, but I hear it tastes good with a little devil juice mixed in with it.

2. Bacon and Pineapples

Take some bacon, wrap it around some pineapple, and you got yourself a delicious snack at your next party! Provides a nice Hawaiian taste at any occasion! Perfect for pool parties, pot luck dinners, or for a bacony snack. Yum!

1. Salmon and Dijon Mustard

This one tops the list with no problem. Just saying "salmon" and "mustard" in the same sentence makes my stomach ache a little, but this is a surprisingly delicious treat! More in the "fine dining" genre, it is still the most surprising food combo out there! Enjoy!