Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fix - How to install WAD files on a Wii with the newest firmware, v3.3

Like many of you out, I carelessly updated my Wii to firmware version 3.3 before waiting to see how it affected homebrew, but don't worry! There IS a way to still install WAD files yet! To do this, you must have the Homebrew channel already installed, or a lot of patience with the Legend of Zelda glitch. This also works as a good way to get around the "re: -2011" error.

Here's how:

1. Go here and download this batch file to patch a legit copy of IOS15 to IOS16.
2. Click here to go to a page with what looks like a broken link to download IOS15. For now, the link there actually works (I am not hosting this file, so if it disappears you may have to do some googling).
3. Drag the IOS15 wad onto the batch file, and the new file (called IOS16.wad) will be created in the same directory.
4. Finally, use this copy of WadManager to install the new IOS16 wad. IOS16 should install fine because it registers in the Wii as a legitimate IOS update, unlike custom WADs. This specific copy of WadManger was tweaked to work with IOS16, so after you update you can install any WADs you want!
5. Install this WAD to retain all the updates of the newest firmware 3.3. Make sure you have no gamecube memory cards or any USB things plugged in. (via http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Wii_Shop_and_IOS51_installer)

And that does it! I'm still working on getting Backup Games to work, but you can go to this page for help on that. The only issue I've had so far with backup games is trying to get a WAD version of the dvdX installer. If you want even more compatability, you can try to downgrade your IOS with Waninkoko's downgrader.

Best of luck!