Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gmail Capacity Experiment

Gmail's storage capacity is growing at an exponential rate. You can even watch it grow live at gmail's login screen! As of this writing, a single Gmail account can hold 7262 MB of data. That's 7 gigabites of data, and growing fast. That leaves me with one question... is it actually possible to fill up a gmail account?

In order to test this theory, I've decided to start a little experiment. Simply email as often as you want with as much as you want, and I'll update this page daily to let you know it's progress.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:
1. Text emails are small in size, so throw in an attachment or two if you've got the time!
2. Want to sign it up for spam? Go for it!
3. I will be checking the account daily and will post anything that's interesting here. Please don't send any personal data, so watch your default signatures!

Want to follow the experiment? Go to this discussion on the forum to see the "best of" emails that come in, or check back here every so often to see updates!

Any comments are welcome!



UPDATE: User Ziyonex suggests that people should subscribe the email address to Google Groups to receive more emails!

Also, jaffermaniar was worried that this was a big scam to collect email addresses. Well, its not. If you still are worried and don't want to risk it, send the message through one of these anonymous email websites:

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~~~~UPDATE (November 20th, 2008)~~~~~
"You are currently using 84 MB (1%) of your 7265 MB."

     So it's been about one week and so far the response has been a little week. If we're gonna fill this puppy up, we need all the help we can get, so spread the word! Special thanks to all of you who have emailed already! Keep it up guys! 99% left to go...