Thursday, June 12, 2008

10 Things that make me mad, in no particular order

  • That guy at the gym who runs really fast while you're jogging and laps you three times, then leaves. You've ran 10 laps and he's only run 3, but it still makes you feel like crap.
  • People who answer their cell phones at the movies.
  • Automated phone things when you call customer service. Google perfected it with 1-800-Goog411, but no one else seems to be catching on yet...
  • Learning that humidity can ruin Motorola phones and void the warranty on a muggy day.
  • Coming up with a great idea in the car, but then forgetting it when you get home.
  • Remembering that idea, and realizing that it wasn't that great after all.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • When old people can't figure out how to use a touch-screen checkout pad.
  • Having one item at Wal*mart but getting stuck behind long lines of people shopping for families of 12.
  • Politics.

Sorry that was so random. Had to get that one out....