Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why is it so hard to find original content on Stumbleupon?

I'll tell you why.

People want to gain traffic to make money, and they seem to all use the same 5 things to get said traffic.

5. Generic Lists

I know. I'm doing it right now. Still, its crude but effective. I'm not hating on the list... I love the lists. Still, it doesn't provide for a lot of variety.

4. Online flash-games

I'll admit it; I LOVE online flash games. Remember fishy? The point is, you start to see the same material over and over again. If a game gets popular, someone will post it again on their own site to get a slice of the pie. Even worse is when a website just links to it and then places a frame around the original website. Thats just low...

3. Articles about other already popular articles

Now we're getting into the dirty tricks. Saw a funny video? Read an interesting news article? Well, post a blog about that funny video or crazy news article you just saw and link to it! Instant traffic, no work. Thats just lazy.
2. Funny pictures, lolcats, or boobs

The occasional lolcat or "un-inspirational" poster is fine. It's seeing the same picture 20 times in a row that makes it lame. Simply put, funny pictures on the internet get recycled and slapped with new logos in the corner ever five minutes. Its just lame.

1. Viral Videos

I love me some You-tube. I hate me some REALLY FREAKING OLD viral videos that cycle around like a bazillion times. Again, the only way to make this worse is to put a frame around a You-tube or Google Video page and then resubmit it. We as a community need to encourage ORIGINAL and innovative content, or they will simply keep recycling the old. It's just like ever sitcom to ever come on the air after Seinfeld.