Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best. Breakup. Ever.

This is one way to breakup with your girlfriend!

According to, a man in Germany got so mad with his girlfriend for smoking in their apartment that when she lit her cigarette, he decided to put it out his own way... with a fire extinguisher.

"After the woman ignored his request not to smoke, the 42-year-old sprayed the contents of the extinguisher all around the flat shouting abuse, police said.

'He said he wasn't bothered by the damage it caused,' the spokesman said. 'And that he's through with his girlfriend.'"

Technically, he was using the extinguisher to put out a "fire," and it was his apartment, too, so I suppose you could say he was justified in his actions. At least he left her with a bang!


P.S. The story came from here