Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas lights are attacking me

This past Saturday morning, I woke up late. I was left with only ten minutes to get across campus to Reese Phipher, and all I had was my bike to get there. So I grabbed my bagel in one hand, and put my messenger bag over my left shoulder like usual. I hopped on my bike and started down the hallway. Because I live in the first room on my floor, I have to go down the entire hallway to make it to the elevator. I was late, and biking is faster than walking.

While I was going down the hall on my bike, my bag shifted in front of me. As I adjusted my bag, I looked down for a minute. Big mistake.

As you can see, our R.A. put Christmas lights up and hasn't bothered to take them down yet, so I decided to give him a hand. Or a neck. You see, one strand of lights had fallen down just far enough to get wrapped around my neck. Ouch. I didn't get pulled off my bike, though. Noooo... I drug the lights down the hallway for about 25 yards until I could stop.

One end of the lights was closed in a door, so I couldn't pull it out with my neck. The rest of the lights where stuck to the walls. Notice that is in past-tense. As the lights came down, the did a kind of "chain saw" effect on my neck. Ouch.

This picture doesn't do the injury justice (this is 2 days later), but I have some more that I will post later. For now, just shut up and stop laughing.