Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top 10 gameshow moments, from smartest to dumbest

Yes, and in that order.

10. Smartest

At the top of our list is the first guy to ever win $1,000,000 on the show Who wants to be a Millionaire?

9. Smart

Well, I can't really make fun of this guy because he not only was technically correct, but he also was winning by a butt load of points!

8. Not so smart

This guy just plain didn't know the rules of the game. He might not be dumb, but he should have at least watched an episode or something before he came on!

7. Maybe bad luck?

I know he says he hasn't slept in a while, but this is beyond easy. Come on, dude!

6. Dumb

So she solved the puzzle, but she missed a VERY easy clue! This is now officially in the Dumb range of our list.

5. Dumber

Technically, its the host who has problems in this video. Still, can you blame her? After all, a monkey could do better.

4. Even Dumber

While spelling isn't one of my strong points, this still qualifies as dumb. the dumb club is non-ekclusive.

3. Yes, even more dumber

This is how people view America. Sad now...

2. Most dumber

I know, its another dumb blond. This is where those jokes come from.

1. Dumbest

This one takes the cake simply because it makes the whole country of France look dumb as well. Seriously, %56 of the audience thinks the sun revolves around the Earth? Really?

Wow. Just wow.


P.S. All videos where found on Youtube. If you have a video that you think should have made the list, leave it in the comments and I might amend!