Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mokeys are one step closer to Domination!

Well, it's official. The world is now officially one step closer to the future predicted in the documentary Planet of the Apes. (I know its a documentary because they once aired it on the History Channel. TV never lies.) None the less, it ends up that recent research has shown that monkeys are equal with college students when asked to perform math problems in their heads!

In the study done over at Duke University, both students and monkeys were asked to add the number of dots that flashed briefly onto a computer screen as quickly as possible. The students weren't allowed to count out loud or write anything down. Just like in high school.

One researcher even asserted that "
when you take language away from a human, they end up looking just like monkeys in terms of their performance." Nice one, lady. You just slammed your own species.

On the bright side, we can talk and monkeys can't. YOU HEAR THAT MONKEYS?? Well, it doesn't matter because you don't know what I'm talking about anyway...

Dirty stinkin' apes...


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