Monday, August 11, 2008

New Facebook layout installs Adware

I believe the new Facebook installs adware on your computer every time you visit their website, and I can prove it.

Here's what happened. As many of you may know, I'm an active user of the social network StumbleUpon. Today, when browsing StumbleUpon's video site, I saw this:

Seems pretty normal so far... WAIT. ...What's that?

That share button looks really out of place. For one, the text has a white background, while all the other buttons have a nice dark background. Also, notice that this share button is next to the default share button.

This led me to a theory... I recently swapped over from the old Facebook to the new Facebook layout. Perhaps Facebook installed some kind of code into Firefox when I made the transition to add their "share" link to different sites.

To test this theory, I swapped over to Internet Explorer (a browser I never use to visit Facebook with) and reload the same page. This is what I saw:

See? No share link in IE. After I cleared out my cookies and cache in Firefox, the link disappears. Every time I visit the new Facebook and come back to Stumble Video, the link returns until I clear my cache again. Facebook puts what is essentially adware on my computer every time I visit their website.

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