Thursday, May 29, 2008

Firefox has sold out

First off, I would like to remind the world that I love Firefox. Really, I do. Its a great web browser, its fast, and I love the extensions.

Unfortunately, I feel that Firefox has finally sold out. A couple of days ago, The Mozilla Company (makers of Firefox) posted on its blog that it plans on setting a new Guinness World Record for "the most software downloaded in 24 hours." While Firefox has always had huge community support in the past, this time feels different...

For one thing, this wasn't "spontaneously" started by the community -- this was purposefully devised by the Mozilla Co. to promote Firefox. This quickly changes the scenario from "cool community support" to "huge marketing scheme." This news has shown up everywhere on the internet, on television, and has even gotten people to make a pledge to download. The Mozilla Co. has always had interest in spreading the usage of its browser, as shown by its teaming up with Google to promote blogger support through the use of Adsense. This leads me to the real question... Has Firefox sold out and gone corporate?

The answer is yes. Fortunately, like with Google, few people care.