Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Deeper meaning of Pokemon

Recently, a poster to the website 4chan in the /a/ forum came to a starking revolution:
"Thanks to /a/, Pokemon is now the deepest, most profound and ultimately depressing anime in existence."

You can read the original post here (EDIT: THIS is the actual original link), but it is extremely long so below is the condensed version.

According to the theory, in the first episode (when Ash had a bike accident that left him temporarily unconscious) Ash actually slipped into a coma, kicking off the series of crazy events that became the series. That fact alone explains the repetition of common characters (such as Jenny and Nurse Joy) and give every character around him a symbolic meaning. The "bad guys" and several of the major events that occur in the Pokemon movies all symbolize inner conflict, changes in medication, and Ash's hate toward his father. Below is a brief rundown of the character's and their meaning.

Brock - Represents Ash's repressed sexuality, since he fell into the coma a virgin, and needed an outlet for it. Since he can never experience it, Brock must never succeed.
Misty - Ash's feminine side. The side would obviously be upset at the womanizing side, which would keep a normal human being from acting like Brock. This is why she constantly batters him.
Joys and Jennys - two figures he looked up to in his hometown so he projected them everywhere.
Team rocket - Represent aspects of Ash's personality that he has deemed "bad." James implied homosexuality, and Jesse showed vanity. You'll remember that Meowth has the potential for rehabilitation, and doesn't want to be evil, so yet again this fits in with the conflicting personalities theory.
Pikachu - Represents ash's Humanity. In the episodes where they get separated, Ash wants desperately to find him, but for some reason cannot. Even team rocket is willing to set aside any differences to work together and find Pikachu. They want to steal Pikachu ( ash's humanity) and hand it over to his father. They will always be opposed because ash does not want to become anything like his father and no resolution can ever permanently be reached.
Gary oak - Represents what ash wants to be. He's wish fulfillment. he succeeded, and settled down to a normal life. Ash needs someone to succeed in his world or he won't be able to validate it and will start questioning why he's where he is.
Dawn - Represents Ash giving himself a chance to love. Because he already established Misty as someone he's not likely to go anywhere with, he created a new super female, one that was more like him, and less violent all the time.
Paul - Represents Ash's dark side, one that wants to push on even harder and harder, the part of him that will stop at nothing to escape this coma world.
Mr.Mime - He is actually a stand in for ash's father, one that can't abuse him or his mom, because he is a Pokemon, a peace loving creature that's oddly humanoid, but that can never hurt a human.

It actually all makes sense in a weird way. Now you'll never see Pokemon the same way again!


EDIT: It seems that the actual post is here:
The previous link in the intro is still a good (but long) summary. Oh, and watch out for 4chan. It's usually NSFW.