Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random Acts of Online Kindness

Do you remember in the 1990s when the "Random Acts of Kindness" campaign was an annual event? What happened to that? Well, luckily that movement gave way to the "Free Hugs" movement in 2004 before it began to disappear from the limelight. Here's a video clip from a Denver branch of the movement...

Today, I would like to propose a NEW movement, called "Random Acts of Online Kindness." Sounds pretty straight forward, but how does it work? Don't worry, it's easy!

Next time you're online, simply follow one of these tips:

  • Leave a kind comment on a Youtube Video or blog post
  • If there is a website you really like, find an ad that appeals to you and check it out! You find a new website, and you give the owner a small gift too! (No, I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO CLICK AN AD ON THIS SITE. Please do not do so unless you actually are interested in the link, or this tip could be perceived as Click Fraud.)
  • Reply kindly to an annoying email/comment/video/instant message and end the hate!
  • Or just simply give an e-hug to a stranger! ( Example hug: \^_^/ Example response: /^_^\ )
Get to the kindness, guys! Spread the word!


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P.S.S.S. Check out this site! Its got a similar idea but its a little ahead of me!