Friday, February 22, 2008

The perfect ice-cube

My girlfriend came up with a brilliant plan for the perfect ice-cube.

So, I love myself some cheap, off brand lemonade from Wal*mart. It costs about $1.50 for 12 liters, so who can argue?

Anyway, she really hates it when the ice melts and her drink becomes all watery tasting, so yesterday, she came up with a BRILLIANT IDEA.

Ta-da!! Lemonade Ice cubes! Of course, they come out a little yellow, but the drink NEVER becomes watery!

As an added bonus, if you finish the drink before the ice cubes melt, there are little lemonade flavored Popsicles in the bottom of your cup! Best. Idea. Ever.

Oh, and I bet this works with other drinks. Try it out and let me know what other drinks this works for!!