Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A brief History of "Anonymous"

Everyone is talking about Anonymous' war on Scientology these days, so I thought I would take the time to create a brief explanation of who Anonymous is.

In the beginning, there was internet. Then there was Anonymous. Anonymity is one of the key factors of the internet that allows people to be the douche bags they are. Perhaps thats why online dating is so dangerous.

It all started when users who posted content without an account were branded with the simple title of Anonymous. Before long, 4chan.org (link NSFW) came into existence (4chan users, pun not intended). The concept was the simple idea of creating a message board were anyone could post anything, anonymously. In recent history, the "random" section (simply entitled /b/, link ESPECIALLY NSFW) has become famous for its total insensitivity and just plain despicable content. Eventually, people began to take notice.

One very famous Youtube video (above) shows exactly how misunderstood the forum was. When amateur computer users were tricked into revealing their Myspace or other important passwords, /b/ attacked. This then caused the group known as "Anonymous"to be dubbed as hackers. Because of this title, actual hackers began to act under the title.

Recently, a video emerged on Youtube of Tom Cruise professing his dedication to the Church of Scientology. The video was immediately criticized by all, and was quickly taken down from the site. Unfortunately for the church, it has been reposted all over the web.

Anonymous responded with their own video, seen below.

So, now that Anonymous has declared war, whats left? Well, so far they have succeeded in temporarily shutting down the Scientology website, and on February 10, 2008, they protested outside of most Scientology buildings in masks. The war has been dubbed "Project Chanology" and is now in full swing.

Where it goes from there, we'll soon find out. Many people suspect that the protest will simply loose support and die, while others believe this war will continue till the Scientologists simply give up. I guess for now all we can do is wait and see...