Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 ways to tell when its time to buy more food

I've been putting off shopping for about a week now because I've been so busy, and I've noticed a change in my living habits. So here are the Top 10 Ways to tell when its time to buy more food!

10. You start "dieting" non-voluntarily

When you start eating so little that it is just easier to call it a "diet" than to fess up and shop, you know its time to spend the 1.50 in gas to go to Wal*Mart.

9. There is more sauce packets in your place than food

Eating at Fast Food restaurants instead of buying groceries at a store can leave you with more sauces that you know what to do with! In fact, right now I'm sitting next to a bag of Chick-fil-a's Polynesian Sauce and four packs of Arby's Sauce. Oh, and some mini A1 packets. Yummy!

8. Your friends get mad because you only visit to eat their food

My girlfriend got mad at me for this one yesterday. In her dorm they have a bowl of candy in the living room. Every time I go over there, I practically empty the thing. Now I'm banned from eating there anymore...

7. Your food becomes more "creative"

Bread in the Microwave? Almost as good as toast!

6. You have to eat from vending machines for a meal

Why go to the grocery store when you can just get a bag of chips to tide you through the day?

5. Expiration dates become "suggestions"

I love it when my roommates clean out the fridge. I just have to eat all the food I can before they throw things out!

4. You have to eat the same thing every day

Diversity is for rich kids. I will always have my 50 cent can of Spagettios and my 87 cent pizzas from Wal*Mart.

3. Those things are Ramen and Bread

Well, no more Spagettios and Pizza... :-(

2. Putting off shopping becomes a contest instead of a necessity

Its been 37 days since I last shopped! And I only spent 80 dollars when I did go...

1. When you're loosing the contest

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm freaking hungry. I guess it's time to go to the store now...


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