Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Watch TV online! And not illegally this time!

So, being the avid Internet user that I am, I often find myself stumbling upon websites promoting full online versions of my favorite television... And time and time again, I find myself disappointed by the low video quality, sketchy web page design, and excessive advertisements. Well, not this time!

Yahoo! has just launched a beta version of Yahoo! TV. And it is actually pretty cool! The best part? After a 5 second advertisement, you can watch high quality online versions of your favorite TV shows! Legally!

Family guy, King of the Hill, The office, The Simpsons, Are you smarter than a 5th grader?, etc. Check it out...

Oh, and also Ghost Hunters is listed there! Check it out... That show terrifies and amazes me most every time. Most.

Here's the link if you missed it:;_ylt=Ao_9eTsY0ficYGBfsX5fJnb7o9EF